which city/town in China is best known for chinese antique shopping?





benevolent love

Beijing, Xi An, Suzhou,

just a mammal

i’ve been to antique town in beijing shanghai and guangzhou, because they each have one.


I have found every Chinese shop to be loaded with antiques. The trouble is that 90% of them are “new” counterfeit antiques.

Also note that you cannot take ivory goods to the USA or Canada.


just be careful buying antiques in China, most you see on the streets and antique dealers are all fakes, some are really good too. Oh and also I really don’t think China allows people to take any type of antique out of there country, so what you buy is obviously a fake and if it isn’t fake, you will be stopped at the airport.


Here’s a heads-up:

1. No offense at all, but a guy like you coming into China for the first time, you’re gonna get raped (figuratively).
2. Anyone you know that said they went to China and bought antiques and showed them to you got raped bad (again, figuratively).
3. Even if you could determine the truth from the BS it’s illegal to take genuine antiques out of China. Customs will confiscate it and I don’t know what the exact penalty is but I wouldn’t want to find out.
4. There are professionals that come to China and move antiques out of China and they operate in a very grey, very risky area. You’re best to let them do the leg work and buy it in the US – sorta defeats the purpose, but if you want it that bad….

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