Need help reading Chinese, antique?


Found this really amazing piece of art/furniture. Don’t have a clue when it was built or what it says. Any help appreciated. Thanks




James H

It`s very hard to answer your question because you don`t have any pictures or written words. Usually, every dynasty had had their own symbol(s). For example, the Soong Dynasty 420 to 581 A.D. you can see the North Soong 北宋, it was before the aggression of the Mongolians and the 南宋,those very troublesome years that the Chinese fighting for the last drop of blood to drive the Mongolians out of their land.
Because China has got 5,000 years of history, it`s really hard to state them all.

Pan B

HI ,
Did you have any picture about your antiques?
I am chinese, and i am very interest that.
maybe i can help you….

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